In this simulation, you assume that you are shopping to buy a car. Select a model that you feel best fits your needs and budget. Calculate the expense of buying and owning a car, including finance, operating, and maintenance costs.

You are offered a variety of selections that will guide you through the decision-making process involved in selecting a car. Once  you select and approve the cars, you must calculate the expenses connected to the ownership of the car.

Step 1. Define the problem.
You're looking for a car with certain features.

Step 2. List the alternatives.
A query of the 'Let's Wheel and Deal' database provides you with a set of alternatives.

Step 3. Identify the relevant criteria.
We've done that for you in this simulation.

Step 4. Evaluate the alternatives.
You assign the +'s, 0's, and -'s, add them up and assign scores to the alternative autos.

Step 5. Make a decision.
Select the alternative with the highest score.

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